Call for a student wage

Student sector of the European Network of Alternative and Local Unions – Union syndicale étudiante (BE) – SUD-Etudiant-e-s et précaires (CH) – Solidaires étudiant-e-s (FR)

In the face of the situation developing in Europe and in the world, in the face of the attacks

we suffer, in the face of the continuing deterioration of our living conditions and work, we must put forward a new logic, which opens new horizons of struggle, and which allows us to rethink our condition in the light of an emancipatory project.


  • Every person in training, whether in employment or not, is systematically devalued, that the economic and political power denies their status of full participant to this society, and denies them all moral, social and material autonomy;
  • Interns are destined to an ever longer state of social minorization, and become the new variable for putting downward pressure on the income and working conditions of all workers;
  • These people, regardless of the nature of their training, provide intellectual and material production valued directly or indirectly by companies, by universities, by research;
  • If sometimes the production of these students is measurable and exploited, it is not always as such. Nevertheless, it remains real and tangible in all places, due to the cultural, social and educational contributions generated. If this work may not be defined by the capitalist definition of labor, it is nonetheless work in the sense of an effective contribution of the needs of society;
  • That the emancipation of students is impossible without a global challenge of institutions that contribute structurally to their precariousness;


We demand a student wage, taking effect from the end of compulsory schooling, and that can at the same time offer a real autonomy to the people in education, freeing them from the control and dependency from state, family and/or employer, but also, and above all, to socially recognize the work they do and have always done, during their training. Because, we affirm:

  • That the student, the apprentice, the intern is a worker;
  • As a worker, everyone is entitled to recognition of their work, to material independence, to decent study conditions and to union and democratic rights;
  • That every worker has the right to free, public, critical and emancipatory education. It is therefore necessary to introduce compulsory schooling until the age of majority in common core. This first qualification is then immediately associated with a student wage for the continuation of school.

It is around these analyses and these common demands that we unite our forces, beyond national borders, against the repeated attacks of Capital, to build a unitary and international offensive in the world of work.

Want to support, to participate?

This call is launched from the student sector of the European Network of Alternative and Local Unions (Réseau européen des syndicats alternatifs et de base). It is addressed to all organizations, groups, collectives of students, interns, apprentices and is beyond interested in debating and organizing around the central issue of free work and the fight for a student wage. This joint text is the first step in a process that we hope will be fruitful. It acts as a proposal and sets a first horizon around which we gather.

Following this first step, we will organize a European assembly with all social forces interested in opening a combative and strategic demand for a student salary.

Our goal is the construction of an offensive social movement, able to bring up this strategic demand by building a collective balance of power, direct action and self-organization of the main people concerned.

If you are interested in this question or if you support this call: